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Waste Management in Ports

In this section you find the final results of the Baltic Master II subproject ”Recommendations for improved and harmonised waste management on board and in ports”.
Hose cart for oily sludge
Hose cart for oily sludge

Sludge hose cart

To minimize the time of sludge delivery in port, a specially equipped hose cart has been developed in the project.

The aim

The aim of the subproject has been to find practical solutions to improve waste handling with focus on oily residues and solid waste and to find out what can be achieved within existing legal framework. This in order to better prevent pollution from maritime transport, as differences exist among the countries bordering to the Baltic Sea regarding waste sorting on board ships and in port as well as in technical equipment when leaving sludge.

The subproject suggests a common waste sorting tool and uniform technical equipment to prevent discharges directly into the sea. It also presents a waste handling brochure template, which is intended to be used as a guide by Baltic Sea ports when constructing their own signboards and information sheets to ships.

The project hopes the proposed waste handling routines are spread and implemented by ships and ports around the Baltic Sea and thus contributing to a more cost effective handling and a better environment in the Baltic Sea Area.

In June the project held a webinar on Waste Management in Ports. Swedish Environment Minister, Andreas Carlgren held an introduction speech. View!

The whole broadcast from the event can be downloaded here.

Hose cart for oily sludge The project suggests common symbols and signs for 20 different waste fractions. Symbols and signs can be downloaded here, for free. In order for you to make signs for your port involve a sign production company of your choice. The zipfolder below contains high resolution images for print of signs. Please note that certain desktop publishing software is needed to use the files. (Right click on the file to download it 91.5 MB - the downloading may take a couple of minutes).Download zip-folder here

Waste handling brochure

A waste handling brochure template is developed in the project. It is intended to be used as a guide and adapted by Baltic Sea ports when constructing their own signboards and information sheets to ships.

The project also suggests a notification form for waste delivery to port, adapted to the suggested waste fractions and ready for use in different ports.

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