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Founded in 1933 the LACOSTE has been synonymous with relaxed elegance. With its pure sports descent, now LACOSTE symbol of a comfortable, elegant living attitude, unique design and high quality products covering men's, women's and children's clothing. LACOSTE sales in 2012 reached 1.8 billion euros, in 114 countries around the world LACOSTE Polo Shirts selection of sales network, there is an average of two per second through LACOSTE LACOSTE merchandise stores, shopping malls counters or network of franchise stores sold .

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The high street sales are full of stock that they know they can shift by just dropping the prices. But what about the rest of the stock. What about all of last seasona€?s fashion that has to be removed from the stores to make way for the new season? What about all of last seasona€?s Lacoste sale stock that is still sitting in the factory?

Thata€?s where the real bargains are! Lacoste UK stock that is out of season simply has to be got rid of, whatever the price. It cana€?t go in the stores and it cana€?t sit in the factory any longer. It has to go. It has to be sold. So they sell Lacoste sale stock through clearance outlets, direct to the public, at MASSIVELY reduced prices.

The old days of the factory outlet have kind of evolved into multi-brand outlet centres, where multiple high street retailers or brands are represented. Theya€?re like shopping centres for clearance outlets and they exist across the country.

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The outlet centres listed below are known to contain clearance outlets for Lacoste but please note that we cannot guarantee that these clearance outlets will always be there. Where possible, we provide a contact number and website link and strongly urge you to check with each outlet before embarking on a journey. You can also click on the More infoa€?link next to the Outlet Name to get further information for each outlet.

France LACOSTE brand legend born from 1933, the year French tennis champion Ren?? Lacoste uses lightweight breathable mesh fabric small ridges, made of lightweight and comfortable short-sleeved shirts, starched replaced traditional long-sleeved shirts, set off a revolution in men's, thus giving birth to the now well known the classic LACOSTE POLO shirt. 80 years, LACOSTE innovation, always seeking elegant and comfortable style, embodies French elegance is becoming a lifestyle brand. Today, LACOSTE through a comprehensive range of products to showcase their advocacy of the brand concept art of living, these products include men's, women's, children's clothing, footwear, perfume, leather goods, eyewear, watches, belts, household products and fashion jewelry. LACOSTE has always been adhering to the original truth, excellence and elegance as an important element in the success of the brand. Today, the crocodile logo are tennis courts, a golf course and people's daily lives interpretation by the champion Ren?? Lacoste, his wife Simone Lacoste and daughter Catherine Lacoste pioneered style.

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