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All you need to know about climate controlled storage units

All you need to know about climate controlled storage units

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Storage units are solution to many problems. These storage units are the best way to declutter house in the most economical way. Not only they help to declutter house or office space but also helps in making room for new things. Earlier storage units used to offer basic storage facilities but now with changing times and changing technology even these have gone one step ahead.  You can now find mobile storage units, climate controlled storage units and what not. You name it and they have it for you.

About climate controlled storage units

There are lot many things at home which gets damaged only because they are not kept under certain climatic conditions. These climate controlled storage units near you are specialized units meant to store such climate-sensitive things. These units are able to maintain certain temperature level and can easily control humidity level as well. It has features of air conditioner, heater, humidifier, and dehumidifier. It is one stop solution to store all such things.

What needs to be stored in these storage units

Having such specialized features, rent of these climate controlled storage units is high as compared to regular storage unit. Therefore it is really important to categorize the items you really want to keep in these storage units. Here is the list of items for which you may need to hire a climate controlled storage unit:

·        Furniture: Some type of wooden and leather furniture may get damaged in extreme humidity. Wooden furniture can crack or even rot, whereas leather furniture can discolor and can even cause mildew. For all such wooden furniture, it is advised to rent a climate controlled storage unit and not a regular one. Keeping these items in regular storage unit will not suffice your purpose and you may end up getting your thigs damaged.

·        Electronic appliances: Household electronic appliances like fridge, washing machine, microwave, LED and dishwashers need to be stored in climate controlled places. Extreme heat or extreme cold can lead to permanent damage of these appliances. If not damaged permanently, parts of machinery can get rust due to moisture which you may need to replace to get your appliances in workable condition.

·        Books: Books, comics, coins, and other such special collective items can get damaged if not stored in certain conditions. Books which are older are not able to handle moisture and end up getting damaged and torn. By the time you will get them back from storage units, you may not find them the way you kept them, that is why always keep them under specific climatic conditions.

·        Clothes: There are certain clothes which needs to be kept very carefully. For eg your wedding gown, you may want to keep that as remember sake for a long time and keeping it in regular storage unit may damage the same. Therefore for such important and precious clothes, it is recommended to rent a climate controlled storage unit.

Now that you know everything about climate controlled storage units, make right decision before you finally rent a storage unit.

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