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How to be safe on the Deep web?

How to be safe on the Deep web?

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Browsing deep web can cause harm to you and your personal details so being safe while using the deep web is very important.

If you were planning to visit the deep web sites or darknet markets then you are in the right place.
Today, we will be taking about some tools and precautions that you should consider before accessing the deep web.

We will be telling you the process of accessing deep web safely without revealing your identity on both pc and mobile platforms. Let’s quickly get started with the things that you will be needed.

Tor browser
The deep web is not discoverable by standard search engines like google or yahoo. You will be needing a special browser in which deep web or even dark web can run without any hassle.

The best and most preferred browser that is used to access deep web is tor browser. This browser is available for both desktop and android platforms and it is versatile too.

Tor browser is very easy to use as it works with a search engine. The search engine which works with tor browser is called duckduckgo this search engine is very similar to any other standard search engine like google.

The major difference between any other normal search engine and duckduckgo is the fact that  it can even run in deep web flawlessly.

This was about the browser that you will be needed to access and navigate the deep web. Now we will talk about another tool which is really important to access deep web safely.

It is possible to access deep web without Tor but hackers will easy get to know your real time location so it is better to use this tool as it will keep changing your ip address in a certain period of time.

Yes, you guessed it right. Here, we are talking about proxy tool. This tool will keep changing your ip address so that your real location will be hidden from hackers. The most preferred free proxy tool for both android and pc platforms is the orbit proxy which is also known as the onion proxy.

Both the tor browser and onion browser can be downloaded for absolutely free from the internet. You can even get both of these tools for your android device directly from google play store.

Here are some tips and precautions that you should always keep in your mind while accessing or browsing deep web:-
  • Always open the orbit proxy and click on the start button. You have to wait until the onions turn to green. Green onion is an indicator that you are now connected to the proxy network.
  • Always check your ip address after starting the orbit proxy. You should start using tor browser only after your ip changes.
  • In case you are browsing deep web through tor browser on your desktop then never ever open it in full screen. Use the tor browser in small window as it makes it safe and secure to use.
These were some tips that will help you to be safe while accessing deep web. You should follow all the tips mentioned to enjoy deep web without getting your personal details leaked.

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