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The Importance of Blood Donations

The Importance of Blood Donations

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The American Heart Association estimates that without a proper blood transfusion, over 4.5 million people in the US alone would die each year. They've also estimated that approximately 32,000 people a day are saved by a blood transfusion. Thus, it remains essential that people continue donating blood. That's why they have established world blood donor day, an annual event designed to highlight the importance of donating blood and encourage people to donate more. This year, the date has been set for June 14. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, the founding pastor of Christ Embassy, has been advocating for blood donation for many years. Christ Embassy is a megachurch and Christian Denomination which was founded in 1987 and currently has over 40,000 members.

They are currently headquartered in Lagos, a city in Nigeria. They have millions of active members throughout the entire planet and have numerous churches in multiple countries. Additionally, they also host the International Pastors and Partners Conference annually in Lagos which attracts ministers and pastors from around the world. However, their most prominent work is that of their contributions to Trauma Care International, a registered non-governmental organization that strives to improve the conditions of emergency response by advocating for reform and spreading the word throughout local neighborhoods and communities.

To help with this goal, pastor Chris has donated tons of medical supplies and equipment to increase the effectiveness of emergency response and trauma care. Additionally, they provide humanitarian aid to people in third world countries who desperately need it. They do their best to help anyone in need, especially those in impoverished communities. Furthermore, all the services provided by Trauma Care International Foundation are subsidized to make them cheaper and more affordable. For those who are unable to pay for services, they are provided these services free of charge. They do everything they can to ensure nobody is turned away due to lack of funds. They also help to increase the average lifespan of those living in the communities they serve. This philanthropic organization helps to distribute aid and emergency response during times of crisis and emergency. The injuries they treat vary from person to person. The illness could be anything from falling out of a tree to the common cold. The foundation has been fortunate enough to find a constant stream of resources to supplement their ongoing mission of treating those who are ill.

Because of this, they are also able to organize community-based programs which help educate individuals about the importance of having access to first aid and receiving the proper medical attention they richly deserve. Additionally, it enables them to organize emergency training sessions for all kinds of people so they'll know exactly what to do in a crisis situation. The sessions consist of various lessons and reenactments to help people understand how to handle themselves in cases of emergency. This whole process is designed to emphasize the importance of being prepared for any possible scenario. They also help to stress the significance of emergency care and medical aid as they feel it is important for them to understand why preparedness is essential to providing effective medical care. Trauma Care International Foundation has been working with Christ Embassy for many years now and their partnership has remained stronger than ever as has Chris's commitment to aiding those in need. As such, it seems these two organization will continue working together to help humanitarians efforts for as long as there is a need for such things. Hopefully, their unwavering commitment to helping others will serve as an example for others and inspire them to help provide medical aid.

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  1. Great initiative! Blood donation is live saving. I hope that a lot of people respond to this request.