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Why Are Ultrasound Machines So Expensive? Get it With the Help of Doctor Loan

Why Are Ultrasound Machines So Expensive? Get it With the Help of Doctor Loan

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Are you a practicing doctor having your own clinic and looking to expand your practice and services? Yes, other than improving your infrastructure, security, and more, you also need to have some modern equipment to help you diagnose patients quickly.

When patients are aware that your clinic always provides them with faster and accurate diagnosis results of their health issues along with good treatment, they will throng it. As a result, you need to emphasize on not only providing them great medical facility at your clinic but even ensure the availability of equipment such as Ultrasound machines, CT scan machines, MRI machine and more.

But after having said that, modern diagnosis equipment is costly, and if you don’t have proper financial management in place, you won’t be able to afford it.

For example, Ultrasound machines can really cost you a bomb, and they come in a range of capabilities, performance, and cost. The ones that carry the highest price tag are the better ones as they perform a detailed diagnosis super easy and fast.

Thus, for availing an ultrasound machine, you will need to spend a fortune. And if you are financially incapable, you can always avail a doctor and bring to your clinic.

Use a doctor loan and buy expensive machines like Ultrasound

You need not wait for your savings to help you buy costly equipment such as an Ultrasound machine. A doctor loan can help you buy it at a lower rate of interest, speedy approvals and money disbursement and many more features.

A doctor loan can help you borrow up to Rs.35 lakh from leading online lenders. Here are some immediate benefits and features of a doctor loan that you could avail.

       A higher loan amount

Leading online lenders understand that being a doctor; you would need a higher amount of money to cover your financial needs. As a result, you can avail a doctor loan of up to Rs.35 lakh and ensure there are no financial crunches to grow your practice.

       Get money in your bank in 24 hours

Once you furnish all documents online and meet all eligibility conditions, your doctor loan will be approved quickly, and you will get the money in the bank account within 24 hours.

       Flexi loan facility

It is a unique facility that you could avail while availing a doctor loan. You get the freedom to borrow a certain amount from your total sanctioned money within the tenor. You only need to pay the interest as your EMI on the borrowed money, and the rest of the amount gets settled after the completion of your tenor.

       Wide tenor

You get the facility to select a tenor as wide as 12-96 months to repay your doctor loan. It means that you get the provision to spread your EMIs over a longer tenor and pay lesser EMIs. It means that don’t feel the burden of your loan.

       Minimal documentation

Lenders consider doctors as responsible and respectable citizens of society, and that’s why they don’t need to provide a set of documents. If you have the required eligibility for doctor loan along with some KYC documents, you are good to go! You will not need to provide your lenders with many documents which make the loan even more convenient to apply!

The Bottom Line

Now that you know that a doctor loan can help you buy even expensive equipment such as Ultrasound machines, you can apply for it online and make the most of it. Happy doctor loan application!

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