Enjoy the peaceful stay & magnificent view of snow-capped mountains in Manali - Baltic Master
Enjoy the peaceful stay & magnificent view of snow-capped mountains in Manali

Enjoy the peaceful stay & magnificent view of snow-capped mountains in Manali

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There is nothing satisfying like travelling to new places, like seeing new people and the new culture for the first time or returning to your favourite place again. People of all ages love travelling. To get a break from our hectic schedule we also prefer travelling to new places that can relax our mind and soul. Once a year one should surely take our time for friends and family and should visit new places.

As the famous quote “I regret travelling…. said nobody ever.”

One always searches for new places and prefer travelling to enlighten his/ her soul. So, if you are planning to visit Manali, this piece of article will help you to find the best hotels in Manali.

Best Hotels in Manali are listed below:

1.    The Himalayan:

The Himalayan id one of the 5-star hotel of Manali. That is known for its view and services. Himalayan is like a real modern castle, equally beautiful rooms with breath-taking views from the balcony. So, if you are looking of a luxurious stay in Manali the Himalayan is best for you and it also provides various services like: Free Internet, Airport Transportation, Pool, Heater in the room, delicious food and many more.

2.    Honeymoon Inn Manali:

If you are looking for a limited budget hotel this is best option for you. Well-known 3-star hotel of Manali. The hotel has beautiful interior and will gorgeous view from balcony area. It provides various services like Airport transportation, Free Wi-Fi, Hot tub, Heaters in extreme cool, Free Internet and makes more to give you the most comfortable stay in Manali.

3.    Manuallaya -The Resort Spa in the Himalayas, Manali:

Manuallaya has amazing rooms and excellent view of the snow-capped mountains from its balcony. The visitor prefers this hotel to get that heavenly view in snowfall where beautiful mountains are covered by white snow. So, if you are tired with noisy schedule and hectic life visit Manualaya in Manali and relax your soul. This hotel gives various services like: Hot tub, Heater, Polite staff 24 hours I your service, Airport Transportation free Internet etc

4.    Rock Manali Hotel & Spa, Manali:

Rock Manali is Ideally suited for persons looking for serene, peaceful quiet time with near and dear ones. The hotel is renowned for Beautiful property with an amazingly courteous and helpful staff. It provides various services like Hot tub, Heater, Free Internet, gym, Spa, Recreation activities - Pool, carrom, table tennis and outdoor children activities which are source of rejoice and pleasure for all. So, if you are thinking to visit with family with the great comfort and a home-like environment undoubtedly go for Rock Manali.

5.    Apple Country Resort Manali:

Apple Country Resort is located at the highest point of Manali and if your visit in extreme winters you’ll be blessed to witness all the Hills covered with white snow. So, onecan stay it’s a great resort in laps of Nature.

I hope This article help you with your questions, Have a great stay in Manali.

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