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Definition of a Keylogger
A Keylogger is a piece of software that allows a 3rd party to see, monitor and record the keystrokes that you are typing in on your PC/Laptop’s or mobile’s keypad.

Owing to the popularity and widespread use of the social media application Facebook, the same Keylogger application is being intensively used by hackers as a malware which enables them to Facebook passwort knacken and gain full access to your Facebook account and to steal your personal information, photographs, and your online identity.

How Can You Get Infected with a Keylogger over Social Media?
  • Sending malicious links through social media is immensely in vogue currently. The link will imitate as if being sent by your friend and if you are not cautious enough your system or mobile will get infected with the Keylogger malware attached to the link. Generally, these links are designed to be irresistible and catchy so that anybody who receives the link immediately opens it. The display content used in the links is generally associated with anything you might love or have a passion for and is attached to a name of your friend. So, it is quite understandable that you won’t be suspecting the link at all and there is a high probability that you might open it without verifying its authenticity.
  • Keyloggers can gain entry through email attachments. Again, in this case, the email behaves as if it is sent by your bank or somebody who might be very important to you. Thus, you can easily fall prey to such malicious emails and open them without verifying their genuineness. The very moment you open the attachment your system gets infected with the malware and the hacker can easily gain access to your Facebook account now.
  • Facebook has a lot of applications and games over it. Chances are that an infected application or game might be uploaded by the hacker. On the front, the game or the application will do exactly as what it is shown to do, but on the back end, it will secretly send the malware to your system.
 What steps can be taken as a preventative measure?
  • Please don’t open any kind of links which you receive through social media without verifying their authenticity. The same goes for email attachments.
  • In the Facebook, settings do set up your privacy settings properly.
  • The third measure is really tough to do, but, it will be good in the long run. Refrain from playing any games or using any applications on Facebook.
The one and the only proven way to stay safe and protected from a Keylogger is to don’t let it gain entry to your system or mobile device. Hence, being cautious, alert and protective every moment when present in the online environment is your best bet to stay safe from this malware that is capable of stealing your identity as well as your important personal and financial information.


  1. My friend had situation when somebody stole Facebook account personal information and he lose photographs, and online identity. Now I know how it can happen. Thanks for help. I also read - argumentative essay about technology and find many interesting. Now I know that it’s very dangerous to use any social networks on computers away from home.

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