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Why traditional sarees must be considered

Why traditional sarees must be considered

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One of the things that define legacy in India comes down to a strip of clothing. The saree has been the epitome of Indian culture for centuries now, it has revolutionized the way fashion revolves and still does so with so many of its potential yet to be found. Today, we will look at why traditional sarees must be considered because of the role it plays and played in society.

Saree - A Legacy

  • The history of sarees goes back so long ago that it has roots in one of the earliest civilization the world knows of, The Indus Valley Civilization.

  • With roots extending so far in time, the saree has been the quintessential Indian element ever since then, but sadly the saree is no longer worn as it once was.

  • There are simply so many reasons for a woman to wear a saree, as there are sarees for simply every occasion, and not to mention the number of saree styles that exist.

  • There are so many variations and compositions that come with sarees that are simply incredible. From the top to the south, to the west to the east, there are sarees from every part of India that have truly stood the test of time.

  • Not only do they represent culture in their varieties but also glorifies the significance of sarees, perhaps the reason how women saree stuck around for so long in India.

  • But, ever since the world started to adapt to denim, a large number of Indian women gave in to that and there are more jeans and tops than sarees.

  • Of course, Indian wear such as the kurta and salwar and largely preferred by women today but nothing was and never will be as glorious as the simple, yet elegant beauty that a saree suffices.

  • Traditional wear such as the saree is still preferred but is not convenient because of perhaps how long it takes to drape oneself up in that.

  • Modern workplaces also substitute clothing for more professional wear such as suits and tie thereby completely avoiding the scenario to wear a saree apart from an ethnic day or any other similar occasion.

  • A more suitable thing to do would be to introduce the idea of sarees back into society by making changes, not only would it be professional but would also show a symbol of the legacy we have been part of for so many years.
Insights on Sarees

Sarees, no doubt have been the element of success and has boosted India’s presence in terms of fashion and simplicity. It adds to the plethora of successes that India is part of for so many years, and continues to do so with sarees having more designs and patterns today. Let us see if in the future sarees would be more of a part in everyday clothing, adding to the unity that has always been in India, something that is needed in every country and India just seems to have so. In the end, sarees are one of a kind and they certainly have boosted growth and success in every way imaginable.

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