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Simple Things that Could Turn a Depressed Mind Around

Simple Things that Could Turn a Depressed Mind Around

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Lately, the world has turned its attention to mental health with a number of organizations have come up with a measurement for happiness, which is supposed to tell us our mental state. In doing so, they are hoping to come up with a happier workforce that will yield more. While all this is great, it also makes you wonder who really is responsible for one’s happiness or in the least, what happiness really is.

 The extreme end-game for chronic depression is suicide after the person suffering believes that there is no other option for them. Life is in itself is like looking for the most reliable auto accident lawyer. Unless you put in the effort, you will not find the best of anything; be it friends, a job, and even a romantic relationship.

So, what is happiness and how can one ensure they have enough to keep them going?

Happiness is the state of being happy, carefree, and content. While things will never be 100% okay with the world at any given time, it doesn’t hurt to stop agonizing over tomorrow and live for today.

·         A Healthy Body equals a Healthy Mind

It has been said countless times that a healthy body transcends everything, and it is true in more ways than one. A healthy body will require a healthy meal devoid of junk and processed sugars that add no value. In the place of these meals, you will eat leafy greens, fresh fruits, and other whole food that will give you the energy to get through your day. High energy levels equal more productivity which equals job satisfaction. Working out helps you release those happy hormones that make you a better partner when you go home.

·         Take a Day at a Time

One of the follies of man is our inability to take one day at a time. We are always stressing ourselves even when there is really nothing we can do. If you are always measuring your achievements against those of others, you find that they will always have something over you. So, why torture yourself while you are on your journey with unique goals and timelines? If you need to, memorize the Desiderata to remind you that you are work-in-progress.

·         Don’t peg your Happiness on Another

Too many of us rely on others to make us happy or complete. Happiness is too big and delicate a responsibility to be left on another person. Besides, don’t we all have things that keep us awake to worry about? It’s only fair that everyone ensures that their quota of happiness is full.

·         Count Your Blessings

If you have been working hard for the better part of the year, you will not be a weakling to take a week off and take stock. It won’t make you vain either if you pat yourself o the back for a job well done. Breaks are brain boosters that prevent us from driving ourselves insane.

We are always encouraged to talk to those close to us so they can know how they can be of help. In the end, suicide is never the solution. Everyone is going through something.  

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