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Why Should You Include Chicken in Your Regular Diet

Why Should You Include Chicken in Your Regular Diet

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Whether you follow a non-spicy chicken gravy recipe or try to prepare chicken stew, there must be something of chicken in your regular diet. This is not only a great source of animal protein, but you can also get several other health benefits from chicken.

You will be surprised to know that this foul was first domesticated in India and soon it spread throughout the world. Today, you can get so many varieties of chicken recipes that may not be possible to prepare for anything other.

If you have chicken inside your refrigerator, you don’t need to get tensed about what to make for breakfast, dinner or lunch. While chicken sausages can be used for making amazing breakfasts, you can have chicken rice or noodles at lunch. If you want, a chicken salad is perfect for a healthy dinner.

Now, you will know certain benefits of having chicken-
  1. Meets Your Need for Protein-Red meat is a rich source of protein, but you can’t have it regularly as it can make you obese. With chicken, you don’t have any such tension. Protein is made of amino acid which is the key ingredients for building muscles. Whether you are an athlete or not, you should consume chicken regularly for keeping up the balance of protein in your body.
  2. Fights against Depression-You will be surprised to know that but this is true. Chicken contains a special type of amino acid, tryptophan, which can soothe your nervous system and also stimulate your sleep. Therefore, having chicken can boost up the level of serotonin (happy hormone) in your brain and can fight against depression.
  3. Rich Source of Vitamins and Minerals-You can call a chicken a super food as it contains different types of vitamins and minerals. For example-
    • Vitamin B in chicken prevents skin disorder and cataracts, remove weakness, boost up your immunity and help in digesting foods.
    • Vitamin D helps in strengthening bone by absorbing calcium.
    • It contains vitamin A too that improves your eyesight.
    Apart from these vitamins, chicken contains iron, potassium, sodium, etc. which have their own benefits for your healthy body.
  4. Good for Your Heart If the level of homocysteine increases in your body, it can cause heart diseases. If you include chicken breasts in your regular diet, it will reduce the level of this amino acid and keep your heart protected. Besides this, there is niacin in chicken which is effective in controlling cholesterol level in your body.
  5. Helps to Lose Weight When you are looking for ways to shed those extra pounds, chicken is one of the best remedies you can find. As it is full of protein and dietary fibre, it can be digested faster and it boosts up your metabolism that helps to burn fat.
Today, you get certain benefits of having chicken. You can prepare different types of dishes and enjoy chicken regularly. Include it in your diet and stay healthy.

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