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Tree Services: The Benefits of Tree Planting

Tree Services: The Benefits of Tree Planting

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Trees are crucial to the world, crucial and unspeakably important to the environment. As thousands of trees are felled almost every day, it is intrinsic that we plant more. There are so many benefits that trees bring to us:
  • Conservation trees. These trees are vital to agriculture and farming culture as they improve crop harvests as well as keeping topsoil healthy and sustained for the future crop hauls. They are typically planted along small rivers and within swamp lands – any kind of wet ground or wetland. They help to keep the water clean and healthy as well as preventing the wear or erosion of the water banks. If you plant these trees then you are guaranteed to attract wildlife, produce more carbon and regulate the area of flooding if that is a problem that your area faces.
  • Energy Conservation. Believe it or not but trees can actually help to bring down the price of your energy bills and help you to conserve energy. They also are helping in the battle against climate change. If planted in the best and most convenient place the trees can grant shade, warmth during winter and windy weather. Plant trees for shade over patios and driveways for the best results.
  • Climate Change. As mentioned above, trees can aid us in the fight against the world’s rapidly changing climate. As the trees are allowed to flourish and grow, they leech the carbon dioxide from the air, storing the gases in their trunks and in the soil and then release oxygen back into the air. This will do human society as well as the planet itself wonders in the future.
  • Trees clean the air. During a process similar to the one mentioned above, trees freshen up the air by removing pollution from the atmosphere.
  • Trees improve our health. A study revealed that community woodland saves one life per year. In New York specifically, trees have saved eight lives every year. They also help to improve mental health as people find them relaxing and calming, which results in them stressing over things less.
  • Trees keep temperatures cool. These plants lower temperatures due to all the shade they provide. The water that evaporates into the air from their leaves which also helps to bring the heat of the area down.
  • Crime rates actually decrease. They create an effect that means that there is less graffiti, littering and other acts of damage and vandalism that is performed in outdoor areas compared to areas with less natural landscape.
  • Increased property value. Homes with nice gardens, driveways and surrounding plant life always sell better than homes without these things. This goes doubly if the trees are older and mature and not just saplings. It makes neighbourhood’s look much nicer and respectable.
So, as you can see there are plenty of benefits to planting trees in your area, or at the very least keeping them preserved and healthy.  

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