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Top 10 merits & Demerits of online learning

Top 10 merits & Demerits of online learning

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Online learning is no doubt the new in. It is the platform through which the students can share and find out information in abundance. The online learning platforms are gaining impetus day by day. Every student as well as a teacher, has good reliability over the online learning platforms provided the enormous teaching methodologies they provide which can cater to every individual’s need and mindset. Such thought process and methodology helps students who are preparing for competitive exams like UPSC, IES, GATE etc.

But it’s high time we start noting the merits and demerits of this enormously growing online learning system. Listed below are the top 10 merits and demerits of the online learning:

Top 10 merits

  1. Cheaper
The internet provides for cheaper content. If you really want to study without causing much pain to your pockets, internet and online learning is the place for you.
  1. No time limits
There are absolutely no time constraints for finishing your course while you are learning online. You get ample of time to make the topic absorb into your mind and let it flow fully into your veins.
  1. Ease
This is yet another factor which makes online learning a boon to the students. You have complete ease of access to the resources through which you have to study. You can access the topic you want to study just by typing what you want to study. No proceedings or tedious procedures are required to get your task done.
  1. Independent
You are completely independent while learning online. You don’t have to be bound to someone else’s timetable in order to get your studies completed.
  1. Good for part-time students
The part-time students or the part-time office bearers also can study easily without worrying about anything, according to their own sweet will.
  1. Study material
There is no need to worry about any study material. There are ample of e-books and lectures available online.
  1. Mobility of the learning
You can learn at any place, and any time you want. You have your mobile, laptop and an internet connection or downloaded study material and you are on for your studies.
  1. No rules
There are absolutely no rules for any studies. You just have to start working and never worry about any obligations.
  1. Universal Exposure
This is the major benefit of the online learning platform. You get exposure to the lectures and study material from all over the world. You get to know everything from around the world. There is no geographical limit to your knowledge.
  1. Practiced and tried
The comments and reviews about the material you are referencing give you a list of the tried and tested topics, so you get to know the practical reviews of the people from around the world.

Top 10 demerits

  1. No human interaction
We don’t really get to interact with any human while learning online. So, this becomes a technical issue most of the times.
  1. Thousands of students
There are so many people learning online that it becomes really difficult sometimes to seek the exact study material which would suit your list of requirements.
  1. Ambiguity
The vast world of  internet can lead to ambiguity in the brains of the people receiving the learning from there.
  1. Authenticity of the students’ work
If, as a part of your curriculum, you are given projects or tasks, there is no assurance  of it being solved by you only. So you need to strive hard to be honest.
  1. Plagiarism
The copied content creates a problem and gives way to confusion among the students.
  1. Health factor
Using the online learning tools for too long affects the health adversely.
  1. Not practically based
There is no guarantee of the studies being practically implemented.
  1. Isolation
The students isolate themselves from the world while connecting to the online learning systems and tools. So, you need  to be very particular about this.
  1. Slow or unreliable Internet Connection
The slow and unreliable internet connections can be really frustrating and lead to a distraction from the studies.
  1. Questionable integrity of the content
The content you refer to might not be integral. So, you need to be careful about this part. Always refer the standard sites and platforms.

As there are merits of opting for an online class and study systems, there are demerits as well. However, if you are determined enough, you will make the most out of what you have.

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