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The hiring process: How HR support hire employees

The hiring process: How HR support hire employees

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Hiring is one of the major tasks of human resource. HR support always makes sure that they hire not only the best people but also those employees who can fit the company culture. Human resource has the right knowledge in figuring out who is the best candidate and which one will only cause a headache in the future. Human resource specialists, with their connections and methods, can help get recruitment get done in no time.

But how does the HR support do this? What are the steps in hiring the best people for the company? Below are some of the checklist on how HR supports hire people.

Creating a job description

Of course, the first step is figuring out what type of candidate the human resource should look for. Writing a job description is an effective way of coming up with the characteristics of a future employee. The job description should effectively narrate the tasks that the candidate will be doing. The job description should also list down the requirements that the company is looking for. Is the company looking for a tenured employee or are they willing to hire fresh graduates? The job description should be functionally well written but also has the power to entice employees and reflect what type of culture the company is reflecting.

Posting jobs

The next step is to post the job. Old school way is through a newspaper or through referrals. But the most modern way of getting top employees is through the internet. Tons of websites for recruitment are there to make things easy for a human resource specialist. They can post the job on sites like Jobstreet or Linkedin. They can even browse resumes and CVs through these sites; all they have to do is to pay for premium. This can make the whole recruitment process easier and more effective.

Review the resume and CVs

The most important part of hiring is the reading of the resumes and CVs. Resumes can help get an insight on what type of applicant the candidate is, his or her background, how to contact them, and if they fit all those requirements that the human resource specialist has written in the job description. The resume can help the human resource specialist filter out the long list of candidates and figure out which one should be included in the interview screening process.

Screening through a telephone interview

A new method that human resource professionals do nowadays is to screen through telephone interviews. This can help the HR specialist figure out if the candidate is available for a new job and future interviews. This can also help them tell if the candidate has great communication skills, sound professional and so on. Screening through phone interview can filter out any candidate that may seem great on a resume but not so on a person.

Behavioral interviews

Another important part of the screening process is the interview. The human resource specialist is good at noticing nonverbal cues to candidates. This talent can help in testing if the candidate is truly the perfect fit or not. They select if the candidate has the right knowledge, skill, mindset, and cultural fit if they truly belong to the company or not.

Background check and character reference

If the top management likes the employee, the next thing that the human resource personnel will do is to do the background check. Calling previous employees and educational institutions affiliated to the candidate can help the human resource legitimize the application. Human resource can also ask for character references and ask them a few questions about the candidate.

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