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Essential Tips When Buying a Refurbished MacBook

Essential Tips When Buying a Refurbished MacBook

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Buying a refurbished MacBook? Buy nowhere but at Tech.Trade. However, before you buy your refurbished MacBook, get some essential tips to help you. Remember, buy a refurbished MacBook is not the same as buying a Windows PC. It is worth noting that, there are numerous third-party retailers out their where you can buy refurbished Apple products, but you should be careful since some of them are not Apple’s certified partners.

In this article, you will learn the essential things to consider when buying a refurbished MacBook.

1.      The Hardware
Many third-party retailers will entice buyers with beautiful images of their products online but it is worth noting that, something worse could be hidden in those beautiful images of their products. To get a clear picture of the refurbished MacBook, ensure to examine the physical condition of the device carefully.

Many at times it is different to know the physical condition of the device by looking at its pictures and videos. You need to visit the store physically, so as to hold the device in your hand. Once you hold it, try to close and open it to see whether the hinges are tightened. Remember, buying your refurbished MacBook with loose hinges will cost you more since you will have to take it to a repair center for replacement of the faulty or loose hinges.

Other things that you must examine keenly are the external ports of your refurbished MacBook. Test all the external ports to see whether they are functional and are not clogged with some dirt. Examine the surface of the machine to ensure there are no big dents too. Sometimes, you will notice some small dents that are as a result of wear and tear, that is acceptable but if you notice larger dents, it can be a sign of serious internal problems.

2.      Serial number
This is one of the things that may look minor and I can attest to you that, I also fall a victim of the same. I bought mine without checking on the serial number, but I came to realize later that it was not an original product from Apple. There are corn artistes out there so be careful and examine the serial number of the refurbished MacBook. You can find the serial number of the MacBook close to the hinges. See whether the serial number on the surface of the MacBook is the same as the one in the software. You can find the serial number on the software by clicking on “about this Mac” check the last filed and that is the serial number. The serial number is helpful in matters of tracking the services and warranty information of the MacBook. You may also learn how to check the serial number of a MacBook.

3.      Check the battery condition
Of course, you don’t want to buy something that will be frustrating you every time. Therefore, ensure the battery condition is good. To assess the battery condition of the MacBook, click on “Applications” go to “Utilities” and then “System Information”. Once you open the system information, click on “Power”. Examine the condition and cycle count on the “Health Information”. Here you must ensure the status is Normal and there is sufficient count left on the MacBook. You may also learn how to check the battery condition and status of a MacBook battery.

The list is comprehensive, but once you follow all the steps carefully, you will have done yourself a big favor because buying something that will be costing you more on repairs is frustrating and is also an expensive affair in the long run. 

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