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Different Ways to Surprise Your Professor on Their Birthday

Different Ways to Surprise Your Professor on Their Birthday

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Birthdays at school are always fun and are even more fun when it is your favorite professor’s birthday! Everything right from the surprise element to the cake cutting and the presents is exciting! Here are a few ways in which you can surprise your professor on their birthday -

Send them flowers, cake and chocolates

You can send them a bouquet of their favorite flowers, cake and custom gourmet chocolates from any online e-gifting website or online bakery or patisserie that does online flower delivery in Udaipur or any part across India. You can also specify the exact timing when you want the cake delivered to them so that you can know for sure that they will receive it. In case you are planning to surprise them at a time which is during your lecture, then you will need to specify the date and time online and the flower and cake delivery team will ensure the cake is delivered to you right on time! You can also order a box of gourmet chocolates in different flavors as well as liquor chocolates for your professor from the same bakery online!

Throw them a surprise birthday party

You can throw them a surprise birthday party during their lecture complete with a cake cutting ceremony, some juice boxes, samosas and chocolates! It could be a fun 15 minutes party post which you all can return back to learning so that you don’t end up wasting the entire lecture which could lead both you and your professor into trouble! Don’t forget to set up balloons and confetti as a surprise for your professor when they walk into the classroom! You can also have a beautiful birthday message on the board written for your professor which will definitely bring a smile to their face along with the entire party organized for them!

Buy them a present

All your classmates can pitch in some cash to buy the best present for your professor which could be customized stationery, a new briefcase, a perfume or any other such items which they will use for sure. You can purchase these items on any gifting websites across the country which also do cakes and online flower delivery in Udaipur or anywhere across India. The best place to purchase gift items is online because you can enjoy free delivery as well as browse through various options of gifts for your professor. You don’t have to waste time standing in long cues at the counter, walking across stores and malls to find the right gift and waste time on all of these things! Simply shop online for the present and have it delivered to the classroom itself!

Apart from that, you can also have a customized card with all your wishes and greetings on the card for your professor which they will definitely keep with them for the years to come! Don’t forget to click a lot of photos so that you can keep these memories fresh with you whenever you want to see them!

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