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Which language should you prefer to learn data science and why?

Which language should you prefer to learn data science and why?

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So, you have decided to start your career in the data science and looking for best choices to kick-off the learning. However, you must be pondering the same question that most of the beginners faces, which language to choose. There is number of languages available nowadays to learn data science that makes it's quite difficult to select the best one. Almost most of the people thinking to learn the data science waste their hours of time and efforts in searching the best language. But, don't worry we have already done the work for you in order to come up with the best data science learning language ( click here to know more about languages). After days of research and comparing the cons and pros of each language we have filtered the most preferred option. Currently, the popular programming languages or tools available for data science are R, Python, SAS, MATLAB, SPSS, My SQL, and Java. Among all these languages MATLAB, SAS and SPSS are the expensive tools so there is no point setting these. MySQL and Java are more of an open source database instead of programing language so we have left with R and Python. And among these two choices, we go for Python and below are the 3 reasons to select Python over language R.

1.Python is less complicated than R
The very first thing that makes the Python first choice for the beginners is being simple and easy to learn. The learning structure of Python is easier as compared R and it takes less time to learn the coding. On contrary, language R posses more complicated and high learning curve that makes it tougher. While learning the data since in the initial stage as a beginner you need to learn and understand the pre-existed codes from other developers. This is where the Python emphasis more rather than just giving length codes. You will read the other projects codes to understand the slow if the language. In addition, the Python is simpler when it comes to coding as it contains fewer steps of coding as compared to R.

2.More Number Of Tutorial And Libraries
The other reason that makes Python much more popular is the availability of a large number of tutorials. You will find plenty of videos and written tutorials on the web teaching the language in simple ways. Along with this there any institute like MIT, that offers Pythig learning courses to the beginners. Another thing that is pushing the Python to more visibility across the globe is a variety of data science libraries that are available for the beginners. Libraries like Pandas, StatsModels, NumPy, SciPy, and Scikit-Learn are some popular Python libraries in the data science world.

3.Machine Learning
If you want to master the Data Science and expecting a valuable place in the future than there certain skills you must have. This includes the machine learning, almost every Data science introductory lesson have special lecture over the machine learning. The machine learning has become a mandatory skill due to endless benefits and usage in today’s world. Python contains an extensive machine learning library named Scikit-Learn. This enables the data scientist to learn and understand the machine learning to implement its application in data science work. The deep learning also have huge library called Theano in Python.

These above three points are the prime reason for selecting Python over R as your data science learning the language. However, Python also has some more benefits over the R, thats why chosen as the language to start the data science learning with.

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