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Thinking of Visiting an Indian Shrine? Here Are All the Reasons to Do So

Thinking of Visiting an Indian Shrine? Here Are All the Reasons to Do So

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Religious places are great to visit. Millions of people spend millions of bucks on trips to shrines and other places having religious importance. Although the entire world is dotted with religious destinations, there is something unique and special about the shrines in India. Starting from the architecture to the crowd that gathers at Indian shrines, everything is special and of a blown-out magnitude. People not just from home but also from foreign countries come here just to pay visit at the numerous pilgrimages here. If you too have visiting some shrine on the cards, then you sure have no dearth of choices here. But have you ever wondered why people love visiting religious places in India? Here are some reasons you must check out-

  1. Indian shrines, especially temples, have a kind of aura to them. Everything about these places is soothing to the senses. When you visit a shrine, you feel immense peace of mind. Because in today’s world what people miss most is peace in their life, they head to these places. Whether it is the ambience or the location, everything about temples has a calming effect on the mind. You will realise, there is peace infused in the breeze blowing in and around Indian temples.
  2. When it comes to architectural excellence, Indian temples are worth exemplifying. People from all across the world visit these places to marvel at the beautiful architecture these temples boast of. Starting from the materials used for constructing these temples, to the designs, and the fine detailing in the motifs present on the walls of these temples, everything about the architecture of Indian temples is extraordinary.
  3. Most Indian shrines are located in beautiful places. Some stand tall on the shores of seas and rivers and others are perched on beautiful mountains. So, when you visit these shrines, you get to visit beautiful places on the side-lines. For instance, when you go on a badrinath kedarnath yatra by helicopter, you get to see beautiful places right underneath. And even after you have reached the destination, you can visit nearby places of tourists’ interest that are mesmerizingly beautiful. So, sightseeing and visiting the shrine, both happen during a single trip.
  4. If you want to see the extent of devotion people can have towards the god, then the temples and other shrines in India are the right place to visit. There are some places of religious importance where people love to go barefoot. There are certain occasions on which you will see people moving towards a temple rolling themselves along the floor.

During festivals and other religious ceremonies, a maddening crowd can be witnessed in these temples- all dressed in colourful attires, with sandalwood or vermillion marks on their forehead and plates carrying earthen lamps and other items required for worshipping.

Aren’t these some really amazing reasons as to why you should plan a trip to any of the numerous pilgrimages in India? Well yes, why not! So, what makes you wait? Devise the travel itinerary right away and set off for a shrine you really wish to visit.

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  1. it seems you know about the india better, next week i am coming to india with family after a very long time. Planning to go first kerala and goa.