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Now eat aloo in completely different taste!

Now eat aloo in completely different taste!

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Potato is something that every person eats at least once in a day. It is just impossible to ignore potato from Indian cuisine. The potato is the most versatile vegetable that can be eaten with anything. It is used in so many dishes such as fries, cutlets, bakes, curries, and pies. The origin of this India’s favourite root vegetable was by Portuguese.

Potato word is derived from Spanish word patata. One of the major reasons behind its abundance in Indian cuisine is that they are very easy to grow. Potatoes require minimum fertilizers or chemicals thus, they are eco-friendly crops.

Choose potatoes which are having smooth skin and bright colour other than which are little green as they can be bitter in taste. There are many potato recipes that can never go out of season. There are some popular aloo dishes like honey chili potato and dumaloo and one can easily find duma aloo recipe in Hindi on the internet anytime. Apart from this, there are much more but some of the most loved are:

BatataVada: The dish comes from the streets of great Maharashtra. In this delicious snack, potatoes are mashed and coated in thick besan which is chickpea flour. The snack is well accompanied with different chutneys such as pudina chutney and tomato chutney.

AlooChaat: A crispy crunchy and anytime snack comes from the street of India’s capital New Delhi. One can easily find a chaat seller in almost every street of the capital. Potatoes are deep fried and then tossed in tamarind and mint chutney which gives the dish an ethnic taste and makes this dish in the category of must-try dishes.

Honey Chilli Potato: The favourite snack for many. The dish can be easily made at home so you don’t need to worry about sudden guests. This mouthwatering dish takes no time in preparation and the good thing about it is that it also looks impressive.

Spicy Potato: Indian cuisine has always been famous for its spiciness and sizzling taste. This dish is the perfect example of typical Indian food. Spicy Potato is simply a perfect dish for spicy food lovers. In this dish, potatoes are cooked with the tang of tomatoes and the fire of chillies. Perk up your everyday meals with this fiery recipe.

Dum AlooThe popular dish Dum aloo has a number of variants. In Bengal, the dish is known as Aloor Dom which is simple with not so spice but, in Punjab, the thick and tangy gravy rich in tomatoes and high rich in spice. Get Dum aloo recipe in Hindi easily with complete instructions. Other variants are:
  • Kashmiri: These authentic Dum Aloo are laced with fennel powder, dry ginger, and garam masala which makes it purely sensational.
  • Lakhnavi: Feel like you are in Lucknow with this amazing recipe. The dish includes fried potatoes stuffed with paneer, mingled in rich onion gravy. A creamy buttery taste can make anyone feel mad.
  • Spiced: A thick and creamy version of dumaloo is a great option for the kitchen. Aloo fried and cooked in yogurt gives a rich taste. 

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