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Important tips to keep in mind while planning a birthday

Important tips to keep in mind while planning a birthday

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Kids love birthday parties mostly because it is filled with all the things they enjoy ranging from balloons, friends, gifts and especially the cakes. Birthdays are always a joyous occasion during their prime childhood times as it makes them feel very special and wanted.

Children have a very low attention span, so even if you plan the grandest event to celebrate their birthday, do not overlook the simple details as that’s what they catch the best.  For example, make sure you are up to date with what they like or dislike and try to inculcate it in the theme of the party. You can also order online and be sure of delivered birthday cakes on your doorstep if you are busy with planning and sorting other details.

Here are a few important tips that you need to remember when it comes to planning your child’s birthday:


Make sure you call people who have close bond with your child and whose presence will actually bring a wide smile on their faces. Kids don’t really know many adults so ensure that the children in the party are more in number. Invite kids from school, art or music classes, neighbours, etc. Also make sure that you run the list through your child as he/she may not have a great rapport with some kids.


Food is an important ingredient of a successful birthday party. Children may not have the stomach to eat large quantities, but they do have a raving appetite that will pop up every few hours. Keep light, easy food that can be grabbed as a snack and stock it up well in advance. Ensure that they don’t comprise only of junk food and that it has a combination of healthy and yummy items. Also, keep common allergic food items away from the menu.


Cake is the highlighter of the event as children find extreme satisfaction and joy in cutting birthday cake. You could have birthday cakes delivered uk by choosing from a number of options online, depending on the shape, size and flavour that your child likes. You could also customise the cake with various kinds of toppings and icings and centre it on a common theme such as a movie character, cartoon, fairy tale etc.

Return gifts.

Every birthday is memorable not just for your child but also the other children who are full of energy and excitement that really pumps up the essence of the party. To thank them, you could arrange a gift for each of them as a thank you gesture which can include chocolates, stationary or other fun things which kids would enjoy.


Make sure everything you do for decoration is safe and child proofed as accidents are common if there are many kids at one place. Keep it simple yet very interesting to the eye. You could have games, balloons, face masks, shows like comedy or magic show as well as other party accessories that will keep them interested.

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