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Important Considerations When Buying a New Smartphone In 2018

Important Considerations When Buying a New Smartphone In 2018

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In today’s world, a Smartphones have become important tools when it comes to communication, taking photos, storing files and other documents, surfing the internet and sometimes they serve as a power bank that can help to charge other phones.

Now that you have done away with your old phone and now you are on the market in search of your new Smartphone. What is overwhelming is that the market is full of every type of mobile phones. You are likely to get some difficulties when you figure out what type of phone to buy. At this moment, you will get confused on what features to look for. You are looking for a phone to take photos of your anniversary or your important occasion, but how do you make sure you get the best cell phone camera out there? Or maybe you are thinking of using your phone to browse the internet, how do you find the right Smartphone for your purpose?

Stop pondering on what you should consider and read this article and you will learn the things to look for when buying your new Smartphone.

1. The Operating system

The operating system is what drives all the processes that take place on a mobile phone.  The two most common operating systems are Android and iOS, although both come with their own advantages and disadvantages. A Smartphone user interface and the OS is what you will come across whenever you want to access anything in your phone, therefore ensure you choose a phone with an easy and simple OS as well as user interface. Also, ensure to choose an operating system that will serve your purpose. Note that it is good to try the Smartphone to ensure the OS has all the necessary apps you will require in your day to day usage of your Smartphone. The good thing about Android is that it is much simpler to use than iOS. You also enjoy loads of choices to customize with incredible launchers and widgets. On the other hand, iOS is found in latest iPhones although the system is not open, like the Android system, it is also it’s simple to use.

2. Storage

If you are looking for a Smartphone only for the purpose of communication, this should not be a bother to you but if you want to use the Smartphone for other purposes like saving documents, taking photos and browsing the internet, you must ensure your Smartphone internal storage is capable of accepting a lot of stuff. Remember, a bigger percentage of your smartphone is occupied by the OS and third-party apps that come with the phone.  However, you can buy a Smartphone that accepts a micro SD card to boost your internal storage.

3. Battery life

This is, in fact, one of the most important considerations when you are looking for your new smartphone. Although the way you use your smartphone is different from the way another person may use their smartphone, it is good to choose a phone with a longer battery life. Ensure to go for a phone with a battery life of about 9-12 hours.

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