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Comparison Between Hydronic Heating Systems and Electronic Heating Systems

Comparison Between Hydronic Heating Systems and Electronic Heating Systems

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Radiant floor heating is a method by which the floors of different rooms of a house are heated by an in-floor heating system. This system of heating utilizes tubes of hot water or electrical elements which are embedded in the concrete to continuously warm the floor. As a result, the floor is always warm and radiates heat to all the objects present in the room. RFH keeps the room temperature within the ideal level even when it is bitterly cold outside the house.

What Are the Benefits Offered by Hydronic Heating Systems?

The Heating Elements 
The hydronic heating systems feature cross-linked polyethylene tubes which carries hot water to underneath the flooring. The heat is then transferred to the floor thereby converting into a source of heat. Electrical heating systems, on the other hand, utilize special electrical cables to transfer heat to the floor. The electrical cables are fixed on fiberglass mats for easily installing them underneath the floor. That is the reason, why there is no fear of electrocution, as there are no loose ends of the wires hanging from here and there. Apart form this, there is also a heating system that is channelized all throughout the rooms in just one connection.

Size Of The Heating Area 
Hydronic heating system is not limited in its capacity to heat the rooms. This implies that such systems can heat houses of all sizes. The system only requires sufficient length of tubing to cover all the rooms and an assured supply of enough water for heating. Electrical heating system, on the other hand, depends upon the capacity of the thermostat as far as the size of the heating area is concerned. One thermostat can control one heating zone only.

Efficiency Of The Two Heating Systems Also Differ To A Large Extent

The energy efficiency of hydronic heating systems is determined by a number of factors such as the efficiency of the boiler, type of insulation, air eliminator, circulator pumps and the total length of the tubing supplying hot water to the floor. Thus, there is always some kind of energy loss of varying magnitude. Electrical heating systems, on the other hand, convert almost all the electrical energy into heat energy.

Impact On Structure Of The House 
Electrical heating systems require electrical cables of not much thickness for heating the floor. Thus, their installation does not raise the height of the flooring. They also do not add much weight to the flooring. Consequently, electrical heating systems can be installed without much accompanying structural changes. Hydronic heating systems, on the other hand, increases the height of the flooring and the weight of the floor due to large diameter of the tubes.

Hydronic heating systems require more maintenance than electrical heating systems. The boiler and the pump require regular maintenance by trained professionals for working smoothly.

Points To Consider When Choosing A Floor Heating System .

  • Hydronic heating system uses natural gas, oil, solar energy, etc. as heating fuel.  Therefore, a comparison between the cost of electricity and other sources must be made before deciding upon a system.
  • There must be sufficient space in the house for installing the various components of a hydronic heating system such as boiler, manifold and pump. An electrical heating system is connected to the junction box and does not require much space.
The installation cost of hydronic heating systems also includes the cost of boiler which makes the initial cost high. The cost of installing electrical heating system depends upon the total area determined on per square feet basis.

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