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Things to do in Chennai in a day

Things to do in Chennai in a day

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Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is a charismatic coastal city to say the least.  With a loud culture, colorful tradition and history as vast as the Bay of Bengal that borders the city, Chennai is one place that you must visit once in your life time. The people here are great patriots, language lovers with wide interest in music, art and culture.

These interests are reflected in the city and its important monuments and buildings. The scared temples, marvelous beaches and interesting museums all add up to make a metropolitan that every visitor will fall in love with. Whether you are on a leisure holiday or on a quick weekend trip, Chennai has something to offer for you.

Here are some things which are to be done mandatorily when you are in Chennai –

Marina beach –The longest natural beach in the country is not just long, it is also mesmerizing. It runs from Fort St. George to the Foreshore Estate and covers a distance of 600kms. It is a must visit place in Chennai. An early morning walk on the beach while you watch the sun rise is incomparable.

Breakfast –How can you miss the great south Indian breakfast which is famous all over the world?Indulge in some idlis and dosas along with chutney and the lip smackingly delicious Sāmbhar. Piping hot vadas and a cup of filter coffee should complete the breakfast. You cannot visit chennai without trying out their food.

Temple visits –There are many ancient and beautiful temples in the city that you can visit early in the morning. Do not miss the Kapaleeshwar temple and Parthasarthy temple. The Kapaleeshwar Temple has beautiful architecture built in the Dravidian style. The Parthasarthy Temple is the oldest temple in the city. It is a colorful temple that has positive vibes.

Lunch –Enjoy authentic Tamilian lunch during the afternoon. If you want some rest in this hot city, you can book hourly hotels in Chennai.
Guindy Park –After the breakfast, you can head straight to the Guindy Park. It is a national park situated in the heart of a city. There are many birds, animals and reptiles you can enjoy watching. From the rare blackbucks to spotted deer, jackals to turtles, you can see them all in one place. The Snake Park is an exciting idea if you want to see all kinds of snakes under one roof. Cobras and pythons are also present here.

ECR –The east coast road is a road that runs parallel to the beach. It leads to Pondicherry. It is one of the most magnificent roads in the country having a beautiful view of the blue sea. A ride on this road in the evening to watch sun set is a must.

Dinner –Enjoy chettinad style dinner which is famous in the city. It is authentic and full of flavours.
That would end your perfect day in a nice city. There are many places that can be added into your trip if you can spare time and have the interest.

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