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Litecoin ASIC Mining Hardware Ensures Better Proficiency

Litecoin ASIC Mining Hardware Ensures Better Proficiency

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Litecoin cryptocurrency has been in the industry for a long time now, having been initiated in 2011 by an ex-employee of Google Charlie Lee. The peer-to peer cryptocurrency is a fork of Bitcoin. First point that you need to remember is the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies. You will find a coin at very low price and may want to write it off and suddenly, it can soar and successfully catch the eye of both investors and miners. This is what had happened with Litecoin to an extent. The dramatic surge in the price of Litecoin since 2013 has generated much interest among the miners. People started looking for the Litecoin ASIC mining hardware that offers the best performance.

More information about Litecoin:

Litecoin is the fourth largest cryptocurrency today by market cap. The digital currency was wavering around $3 for a long period of time but took an upsurge to over $45 which has made people consider serious mining. If you are interested in making good profits from mining Litecoin, you must look at the different factors when you invest on the hardware.

Litecoin calculator:

Use the Litecoin mining calculator to make an estimate of the chances of profit that you can make. Use a calculator to get the daily return average based on the hashrate of the mining contract and the average electricity costs. You can have a basic idea about your likely profits. You should do it on your own and not rely on the different reviews since the electricity costs vary from one region to another.

Antminer L3+:

To gain the maximum revenue, it is important to invest on the best Litecoin ASIC mining hardware. The best hardware being recommended is the Antminer L3+ which is estimated to mine at 504MH/s. It is available with the manufacturer and at the top online e-commerce stores. The product is highly reliable, offers amazing speed, energy -efficient and comes with humongous computing power (MH/s).

Antminer L3+ is manufactured by Bitmain, a trusted bitcoin hardware manufacturing company. It is a new product, more efficient in many ways over the other existing products. It comes with a 6 months warranty and can be used to mine other Scrypt based cryptocurrencies as well. The power consumed is 800W and ensures 93% efficiency with a consumption of 1.6 joules per Megahash (MH/s).

Litecoin mining profitability:

Using the appropriate and the best Litecoin ASIC mining hardware can get you high speed. The AntMiner L3+ comes with 4 hashing boards, one more than the S9 model. You will need to buy two PCI-E power connections and a forward controller. It is estimated that anybody investing on the device can get back their money within a year.
Scrypt ASIC A6 LTCMaster:

Manufactured by Innosilicon, A6 LTCMaster delivers 1.23GHS mining hashrate at 1500W power usage at 93% power efficiency.  It is a vast improvement upon the previous model of A4+ LTC ASIC and doubles the hashrate and power efficiency at a slightly higher cost.

Investing on a Litecoin ASIC mining hardware is worth the money looking at the way the cryptocurrency is gaining popularity. It seems to be better than bitcoin in several ways. It uses the Scrypt algorithm while bitcoin uses the SHA-256. Litecoin can manage a higher volume of transactions than bitcoin since it is must faster. Bitcoin takes about 10 minutes to generate a block while Litecoin does it in about 2.5 minutes. The risks of inflation too are less in Litecoin as there is a limit of 84 million coins. Litecoin works well for smaller transactions. 

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