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How to Choose a Good China Sourcing Agent

How to Choose a Good China Sourcing Agent

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Are you a newbie or a seasoned importer? Today China is believed to be a major manufacturer of good quality industrial products that are sold at a low price and many companies are considering importing from China. However, without a helping hand, the process of importing can be hectic. This is the reason why companies choose to seek help from sourcing agents such as Leelinesourcing. These agents have the ability to find reliable suppliers, to negotiate the price with the suppliers and do quality checks on the products to ensure they are of good quality before they are shipped.
To ensure you get a good China sourcing agent, you must put into considerations some important factors that will help you to make an informed choice.

Below are some of the few important points you will need to address when you are considering choosing a sourcing agent to work with.

1. Experience matters
Experience is something that is crucial to any business success. Any business owner would want to work with a team of experienced individuals so as to take his/her business to greater heights. The same applies when choosing a China sourcing agent. An experienced China sourcing agent will benefit your business in many ways.

Remember, the process involves dealing with people of different cultures from yours; the language barrier can also be a hindrance when doing business. Having a sourcing agent who has been in business for many years, who knows the language of local suppliers, understands the culture and local business operations is a plus to your company. When discussing your import business with a sourcing agent, ensure to know how long they have been into the import business. Get to know their previous successful sourcing projects. Furthermore, if they have never been in the business for a longer period of time, or if they have never succeeded in any single sourcing project, they are not worth your time.

Don’t forget to ask some few references so that you can get to know more about the sourcing agent.

2. Quality issues
No business can succeed without experiencing quality issues. However, a good China sourcing agent should be able to come up with ways of dealing with any quality issues that may crop up.  a good China sourcing agent should make sure to let the manufacturer know the exact quality of products you want and that if the manufacturer fails to adhere to the specifications given to them, the sourcing agent will not accept products that are of poor quality.

3. Does the sourcing agent have an office in China?
Of course, if the sourcing agent doesn’t operate from China, they are no different with you, since you are all away from China.  It is good to ensure that they have a fully equipped office in China. If they have an office in China, get to know how long the office has been there and the duration their employees have been employed there. The reason for considering this is to ensure that you work with a sourcing agent that is fully established and has a proven record of successfully sourcing products in China.

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