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How Natural Testosterone Boosters Can Help You Get Stronger

How Natural Testosterone Boosters Can Help You Get Stronger

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Most men do not realize that their testosterone drops after the age of about 30 by around 1% each year. However, elderly men in Japan have much higher T levels than we do in the West so what gives?

Diet and nutrition play the largest role and of course the Japanese tend to eat a much healthier diet then us Westerners do.

There are things you can do to increase your testosterone and as a byproduct increase your strength and I am going to discuss them in this article.

1. Eat More Saturated Fats
Saturated fats play a big role in testosterone production. Most people think of them as “bad fats” but that’s complete rubbish. They are only bad if the source you are getting them from is bad such as fast food and non-organic meats.

Up your saturated fat content and you will see your T levels take a big leap.

2. Take Supplements
It’s important to take natural testosterone supplements if you want to maximize your T. Ashwagandha, longjack, and olive oil top the list according to the latest research.

All have been proven in scientific case studies to have a direct impact on higher testosterone levels and can help you greatly increase your strength.

3. Increase Your Vitamin D
Most people in today’s society are paranoid about the sun and it’s caused a major epidemic with regards to vitamin D since your skin naturally produces it when exposed to the sun.

Studies have shown vitamin D supplementation can, in fact, increase your testosterone levels by about 20% which is a pretty big jump.

Vitamin D also plays a big role in several key health factors including your immune system and fighting off depression.

4. Stay Away from Fenugreek Extract
There is one supplement you should avoid though and that is Fenugreek extract. The only studies showing it can improve testosterone were actually paid for by “testofen” a fenugreek manufacturer.
In several non-sponsored studies, fenugreek has shown no positive effect on T levels and in some cases, it has been shown to actually decrease DHT which is absolutely critical to keep if you want to increase your strength.

Eat more fat, take some natural testosterone boosting herbs, vitamins, and minerals and stay away from fenugreek and you will take your workouts and strength to a whole new level!

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