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Do You Want To Sell Your Mac? Find Out How to Go About the Process

Do You Want To Sell Your Mac? Find Out How to Go About the Process

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If you are thinking of selling your Mac, you must ensure to follow some important steps to prevent the person you are selling your Mac to does not access information stored in it. It is good to know that like any other computer, your Mac contains crucial information about you and the person you are selling the Mac could use it to know more about you either in good faith or in bad faith. Why don’t you follow these steps to prevent all this from happening?

1. Create a backup of your important files and data
Before you get in touch with Macback.USA to sell your Mac, you must ensure to backup all your data. You do not want to lose important files from your Mac so this is the first step that you need to do. Today, there are numerous backup options you can choose from such as Apple’s Time Machine or iCloud backup. Moreover, there are third-party backup tools like SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner. All these are aimed at ensuring you do not experience difficulties when you want to back up your files and data.

Experts, advice that one should backup files and data in two separate devices, you can back up on Apple’s iCloud and also backup on a local external device such as a hard drive. This will help when one of the backup media you used crashes, just imagine saving all your important data and files on an external hard drive only to wake up the next day and find it has crashed. Having two separate backups can help in such situations.

2. Deactivate  iTunes
This is the second step that is crucial. This is important because you might have previously authorized your machine to do things like play your iTunes music, access data and features with iCloud, transfer and accept iMessage chats and execute some third party apps. It is very imperative to de-authorize the various Apple services and opt out of third-party software before you wipe your data. However, this should not give you a headache since you can sign out of all Apple services using the web and then get in touch with your third-party apps vendors if you fail to de-activate your apps license but it’s good to do it using the hardware itself.

3. Detach Bluetooth devices
Although this is not a compulsory thing to do, it is helpful when you unpair Bluetooth devices as it will stop them from running after you sell your Mac that you have already sold to someone. Follow the step by step procedure to unpair all the Bluetooth devices.

4. Erase your hard drive and reinstall MacOS
This step is aimed at ensuring that, all your data is wiped out so that the Mac remains empty the way you bought it.You can get a lot of information on the internet on how to go about erasing your hard drive and reinstalling Mac OS. Many users think that by deleting a file from the computer, it has gone for good, this is not true. You may sell your Mac and someone can use some Data recovery mechanisms to restore all your deleted data. Ensure you erase all your data by formatting your hard drive. After you are done with formatting and reinstalling of Mac OS, you are good to sell your Mac. But where do you sell it? Sell your Mac at Mackback.USA.

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