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Careers in Human Genetics

Careers in Human Genetics

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Human genetics is the discipline of biology which involves a complete study of gene, genome, and inheritance which occurs in the human being. It is a theoretical framework which is mainly used for understanding the biology of the human species.

Human genetics is the application of biology, bioinformatics, genetical science, molecular biology, medicines and other practical knowledge to invent and design drugs, research and preventing disease or infections spreading from parent to the offspring.

The study of human genetics holds a dominant position in genetics. Human genetics completely deals with the study of genes, gene structure, nucleus and a lot more related to the human species.

Careers in Human Genetics

1.     There are plenty of opportunities in the career field related to human genetics. An aspirant who is interested in becoming geneticists should have a basic curiosity and passion about the genetic basis, health, diseases, variations, basic principles of heredity, etc.

2.                 Human genetics are health professionals with specialized graduate degrees in genetics. There are the variety of careers, including nursing, psychology, public health and genetic counsellors, patient advisors, social workers, professors in educational institutes, etc. There is more demand for the human geneticists as there are several incurable genetic disorders and other abnormalities. Therefore interested students can work as a gene therapist by conducting several experiments on genes, chromosome, DNA, structure of DNA and treating or preventing the transmission of diseases.

3.                 Human genetic counsellors can be employed in any health institute and work as members of a healthcare team by supporting, providing counselling and educating the patients and families with genetic disorders like birth defects and also who are at risk of the variety of inherited conditions.

4.                 A geneticist can work in hospitals, pharmaceutical and medical companies, scientific fields and other health services in gaining a better understanding of gene mutation, reproduction, and cell growth. Apart from these career opportunities, Genetic engineers are in high demand in research centres and also for testing in forensic, DNA and other laboratories. For example- Here geneticist is mainly involved in handling samples and performing the tests for legal immigration DNA tests, hereditary cancer and genetic tests and other pregnancy-related tests.

5.                 There are other opportunities for human geneticist such as in clinical research, in medical professions, and in educational institutes. The genetics employee is not sufficient even now, and the demand continues to increase as the genetics is recognized to be a basic part of all biological sciences. Moreover, the professors with expertise in human genetics will also be required.

These are a few examples of the growing demand for professionals trained in genetics. The job opportunity for genetics graduates is continuing to expand. Geneticists can also work in many different fields for different types of employers.

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