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5 Features of Kent Rice Cooker & Steam Cooker That Make It a Compelling Buy

5 Features of Kent Rice Cooker & Steam Cooker That Make It a Compelling Buy

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Several appliances are getting innovated nowadays that make our lives easy and convenient. Kent Rice Cooker and Steam Cooker is one such appliance. It can be used for cooking on a daily basis and is a must-have kitchen utility appliance.

This appliance is easy to use and fully automated. With a single touch, you can cook rice and other steamed food in a convenient manner. It is not only handy for cooking and preparing meals, but it also makes sure that you serve hot food even several hours after it is made. Here are the top 5 features that make this electric rice cooker by Kent a compelling buy:
  • Five Pre-Program Settings:
Kent Rice Cooker and Steam Cooker can be used for preparing various meals. It is equipped with 5 pre-program settings, which are designed to meet the cooking requirements of different types of dishes. You can prepare dishes like soup, rice, momo, dalia and steamed vegetables with the help of these settings. Based on your requirement, you can set the mode to these programs and start cooking.
  • Induction Heating:
Rice Cooker and Steam Cooker by Kent has been developed with an efficient induction heating technology. The technology makes sure that heat is distributed uniformly and evenly throughout the surface of the appliance. It also helps to attain precise and accurate temperature for cooking in a very short span of time and thus food gets prepared faster compared to the other conventional appliances.
  • Keeps your Food Hot with a Warm Mode:
Everyone is fond of yummy food and it tastes best when it is served hot. But, due to our busy schedules, it becomes quite difficult to prepare a meal and enjoy it hot. To avoid this hassle, Kent Rice Cooker and Steam Cooker comes with a warm mode whose primary function is to keep the food warm for longer duration of time. This prevents the unnecessary inconvenience of reheating food at the time of dining.
  • Unique Design:
Kentrice cooker has been designed with a cook-and-serve design. You can prepare food in this appliance quickly and serve it instantly. It has a great grip handle along with a detachable cord that makes it easy to hold and portable. You can carry the appliance wherever you want to and serve food.
  • Delay Start Function:
To further enhance the cooking experience, Kent Rice Cooker and Steam Cooker comes with a delay start function. This feature gives you option to set a particular time to start cooking. There is a timer on the appliance that lets to set a time. The appliance automatically starts cooking food at the desirable time. It is ideal in cases when you want the steaming process to begin at a particular instance of time.

With such desirable features that make cooking so hassle-free and comfortable, a large number of people are choosing this appliance as a part of their kitchen arsenal. It is compact and does not require much storage space. It is hygienic and therefore ensures that both taste as well as health are not compromised in any manner. You can purchase this Kent Rice Cooker and Steam Cooker for a price of just INR 5900. It is going to be a coveted investment and will provide great value for your money.

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