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TheOneSpy Review – Cross-Platform Monitoring and Tracking Software

TheOneSpy Review – Cross-Platform Monitoring and Tracking Software

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The monitoring and tracking applications have turned out to be the necessity of the digital age. The employers take help of the spying software to monitor their workers and boost their productivity while the parents take advantage of the parental control and mobile phone monitoring apps to keep tabs on the digital behavior of their children and protect them from the vulnerabilities in the real and online world. While there is hundreds of monitoring software applications accessible at the moment, it can be a daunting task to pick an efficient and reliable spying solution to keep tabs on the targeted device. We have reviewed here an advanced spy application to give you an insight of the mobile phone spy apps.

What is TheOneSpy About?

TheOneSpy is multi-platform monitoring software that lets you spy on mobile phones and computer devices. The software is intended for parents, spouses and employers to supervise the digital behavior of children, significant others and workers. Once the software is installed on the targeted device, it gets access to the data stored on it and enables the end-user to get access to it as well. By logging into the spy app account, the user can monitor the targeted device’s data and send commands to control certain functionalities of the device.

Main Features of the Spy Software

The spy software comes preloaded with plenty of features to monitor mobile phone and computer use of someone else. We have rounded up here the main features of the spying application to give you an insight of it.

·         Spy on Messages

The cell phone spying application allows monitoring the messages exchanged through the targeted device. It accesses the incoming and outgoing text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages and uploads them to the online account of spy software. The end-user can read the content of the messages and see the contact details of the message senders and receivers. 

·         Call Recording

The spy app records each call whether received and made from the monitored mobile phone. The recorded files get uploaded to the online account from where the end-user can listen and download them. It also shows the contact details of the caller and recipient and allows blocking calls from unwanted numbers.

·         Social Media Spying

The most popular and prevalent social networking apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Tinder, Skype can be monitored with the cell phone spy app. The end-user can read the messages exchanged through these apps and see the photos and videos shared and posted on these media accounts.

·         Monitor Internet Use

The tracking software accesses the internet browsing history of the spy application and lets you see the time and frequency of visiting a webpage and searching information on search engines.

·         Monitor Surroundings

The surround monitoring feature of the spy software allows keeping tabs on the surroundings of the target. The user can remotely turn on the camera and mic of the monitored device phone and see and listen to the surrounding scenes and sounds. By logging into the spy app account, commands can be produced to capture photos and record audios and videos using the front and back camera and microphone of monitored devices.

·         Track GPS Location

The GPS location tracker lets you track the current and earlier locations of the target. The end-user can mark multiple locations to get notified of the entrance and exit from the marked locations.

·         View Photos and Videos

The photos and videos stored on the phone get uploaded to the spy app account from where the end-user can see and download those media files.

·         Monitor Emails and Keylogs

The spy software lets you read the incoming and outgoing Gmail emails and see the email addresses of the negotiating parties. Moreover, it enables to access the online accounts operated on the targeted devices by storing the keystrokes of username, password and email addresses. 

·         Screen Recording

The screen recording lets you capture screens of the targeted devices to keep notes of the activities performed on the device. The user can remotely send a command to record screen of the target device in real or scheduled time.

The Bottom Line

When compared to the monitoring and tracking software obtainable at the moment, TheOneSpy is found to be a reliable and feature-rich application that provides a complete spying solution to parents and employers.

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