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5 reasons to insurance claim denied

5 reasons to insurance claim denied

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Nothing is more frustrating than having your insurance claim denied. This situation can seem alarming when your medical bills are slowing reaching astronomical amounts. Just when you know you desperately need insurance claim help, you are certain that your insurance company will deny you your claim.

This is a very common phenomenon and although many people are susceptible to it, here is some insurance claim advice in the form of five reasons why your insurance claim is denied. This can help you avoid this unpleasant situation.

1. Purposely Stating Incorrect and False Information

Most of the time, insurance claims are denied because they are reported in a dishonest way. The main objective of a policy is to protect you, you cannot think about profiting from it. False information and lying through your teeth is a major reason why insurance claims are rejected. If the agent finds something fishy, they conduct an investigation. If found untrue, you can be pushed into a legal problem.

2. Unable to Provide Appropriate Evidence

You need to add value to your claim and you can do this by offering proper and sufficient evidence. This helps to make your claim stronger and decreases the chances of it getting rejected. If there is no genuine proof of the damage incurred, such as a snapshot of the damage and it surroundings, your insurer may not trust your claim. You can even keep the receipts which can serve as good evidence in the future. You can write down your version of what actually happened. This helps you remember tiny details.

3. Providing Incomplete Information

Do not let the insurance agent fill up the form for you. Make sure you do it yourself. In this way, you are certain that the information and details provided is accurate and complete. Most of the insurance policies are issued depending upon the details you fill out in the form. Incomplete information will result in your claim getting rejected. See that you do not suppress any information, even if it is a previous medical illness.

4. Insurer Loses the Claims Made by the Insured

Sometimes, as an insurer you can lose the claim as it has not been reported in their database. This can ultimately lead to your claim being denied. The policy holder needs to take immediate action or else the deadline to fill out the claim will pass away. This is the best insurance claim advice anyone can give you — make and keep a few copies of the claim you have submitted as proof.

5. Premium Not Paid On Time

Only those claims that are active are settled in a timely manner. This is why it is a must that you pay your premiums in a timely manner. If your policy has lapsed owing to unpaid premiums, an insurer can reject your claim. Even if you miss paying a premium at the given time, see that it is paid before the policy lapses and that is within the grace period. Not paying your premiums on time can cause doubts in the mind of the insurer.

Make sure you make the claim on time and jot down all the major and minor details in a complete and accurate manner in order to make certain your claim is not denied. Seek insurance claim help from professionals if at a loss to initiate the process on your own. 

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