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Why Consider Photochemical Machining is for Precision Metal Parts

Why Consider Photochemical Machining is for Precision Metal Parts

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When it comes to precision metal parts, photochemical machining is no doubt considered as the ideal choice. The fact that it trumps other machining processes that are available speaks so much of its benefits. It's as a matter of fact renowned to be the ideal option for different mechanical components like spacers, shims, pointers, gaskets, diaphragms, and also clips, dials, flexures, pressure membranes among others.

And the interesting thing about the whole process is that it is relatively cheap and convenient compared to all other traditional methods like punching, stamping, or water-jet cutting.

It is a well known and proven fact that, photochemical machining does not produce any burr during machining. This is far different from what is obtainable with other machining processes. With other machining processes you would need to de-burr the produced part before you can use the part, and the truth is, that action can affect the functionality level of precision metal parts, so this is why those who know the value of having a good precision metal part would opt for photochemical etching whenever the need arises.

Note that, when you make use of photo-tools you are saving up a large amount of money. This is because the tool itself doesn't cost much and doesn't require much time to be produced. So it doesn't just save you money it also cut down the amount of time you are supposed to put into production. So for any savvy manufacturer out there, it's a wonderful path to toe for your business.

Thanks to a special etching solution, precision metal parts can be made by photochemical etching. Due to the unmasked areas of the plate that the chemical solution processes, it makes it possible for all the parts to emerge all at once. And that action is one remarkable feature pitches photochemical etching ahead of other traditional methods like EDM, laser, or CNC punching among others,  this is mainly because these other methods can only handle a constrained or specific area of the metal at a particular time.

Have you heard about the photochemical etching amazing ability to hold dimensional tolerance? The photochemical as a matter of fact has the capability to hold an incredible dimensional tolerance close to +/- 15% of the thickness of the material in use. And throughout the process, locational tolerance will still remain unaltered owing to the fact that photo-tools are via CAD data and therefore stands no chance of ever getting to suffer wear during the process.

In conclusion, in order to get the best result from your photochemical etching, ensure that you work with an experienced company that has what it takes to deliver the desired result. So the only way you can achieve this is by making extensive research online about companies that carry out photochemical etching, go through their services, benefits, and also reviews by customers these features will help you make an informed decision about the particular company to choose.

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