How to pack your stuff for placing them in storage units – Tips - Baltic Master
How to pack your stuff for placing them in storage units – Tips

How to pack your stuff for placing them in storage units – Tips

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It is essential to figure out how to pack things for a storage unit, and if we want to be sincere here, there is no wrong way to wrap things. You can always rent the biggest one available, put everything as you like and finish a day without breaking a sweat.

However, if you don’t want to spend an entire fortune on the storage unit, then you have to find a way to pack as efficiently as possible so that you can set items in smallest place so that you can move away without any additional problem and save some dollar along the way.

We decided to present you tips on how to pack your stuff for storage units:

Box Everything Properly

The first step is storage process to pack everything before you get to storage units, San Antonio. You have to think about everything. First, get the appropriate boxes so that you can place your items there and label everything so that you can know what you put where.

Try to use as little space as possible, which means that everything that you can dismantle and wrap together, you should do it from bed frames to other stuff that you want to put in storage efficiently. It is agreat idea to check laws of the state where you want to put your belongings because some countries have regulations that consider hazardous and flammable items.

Think about how much space you need

The first rule that we want to mention to you is: wasted space is wasted money, and you don’t want to face the problem with a small area. The best way to figure out what you need and which size to pick is to know exactly what you want to place into unit.

Every single thing is an important and deciding factor. So before you store, you can place your boxes in some room and use it later to find the best storage size that you need.

In the same time, some online calculators will help you estimate how many cubic feet you need, but that is just an addition to everything that you have to do from above.

Be clean and safe

In case that you want to store something that works on gas, be confident that you drained everything out of it because you don’t want any exceptional leakage. In the same time, you should clean everything correctly and adequately so that you can avoid any mildew or moldy environment later.

You should add cover for furniture and dust bunnies that will help you protect your belongings. Think of wooden pallets at the bottom, so that you can place everything on them. You don’t want to put anything directly on the floor, just in case.


You are a creator of your space, but if you have a limited amount of you can create even more. Therefore, you have to develop and to use your imagination. It is simple; you just have to be cautious and prepared.

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