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Etched titanium parts for medical applications

Etched titanium parts for medical applications

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There exist a good relationship between the metals industry and the medical industry. This is because innovations in the metal industry also means development in the medical device sector. Truth is, whenever there are improvements in metal supply and invention of new alloys, the application of internal and external devices are greatly enhanced in the medical field.

Titanium is well known to exhibit low density and also very high strength features especially when it's in its pure form. Note that, these features including its corrosion resistant trait plays a significant role in medical applications. Titanium can also play a major role when it comes to fixation of implants. This is because it has non-reactive characteristics when it comes in contact with bodily fluids and it also sticks well with the human bone too.

However, where to find the most use of titanium in the medical industry is in the field of orthopedic. Here the titanium is used to produce devices such as spinal, facial, elbow, hip, shoulder, and knee replacements. It doesn't just stop there, titanium housing is also used it heart valves. You can also find it in the manufacturing of pegs which are used to attach prosthetic eyes and ears.

Notably, titanium is reputed to be the ideal shield material for medical implements like pacemakers as well defibrillator cases, and these are all possible owing to its low modulus and strength, and also its natural ability to resist attack by body fluids.

When it comes to surgical instruments such as needle holders, forceps, retractors, drills, scissors, and eye surgery equipment, titanium is usually the most sought after material by manufacturers of these medical implements.

Having you been experiencing a lot of issues with metals whenever you make use of methods like stamping, punching, and pressing? If yes, why not try manufacturing with titanium in order to get the best from your metal manipulations.  Manufacturing with titanium is the best because, the inherent strength and resilience of the titanium give your metal that fine shape, form, and design that you desire from it. You don't have to worry about stress and burr related issues that are the trademark of other manufacturing methods whenever you employ photo etching to titanium. It offers you a very clean and smooth surface that is without any form of blemish, In addition, photo etched titanium parts makes it possible for advancement in the areas of medical implant courtesy of the strong, corrosion resistance and light-weight nature of the titanium. Finally, it's less expensive when compared to other manufacturing technologies.
In conclusion, photo etched titanium parts offer a lot of benefits to the medical parts production and therefore should be embraced to enhance services in the medical field. Furthermore, it is an extremely clean and effective process. 

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