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5 Easy and Quick Food for Lazy People

5 Easy and Quick Food for Lazy People

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We cannot live without food as that’s what gives us the energy to survive in all through the day. But what to do when you are feeling lazy? Getting a plate of Biriyani or for that matter ordering nay food from outside is not always possible for health factors or monetary factors. Still, the lazy people can manage to put in minimal effort in preparing these following.

Cake at Midnight: Sometimes, you feel hungry at wee hours of the night and there are not so exciting things in the kitchen – right? In this situation, getting an online cake delivery in Malaysia would be fast and easy but if you put minimal effort you can prepare a delicious cake yourself. You would require some ingredients like all-purpose flour, sugar, cocoa powder (chocolate bars would also work), banana or eggs, and milk which would give you a yummy cake in a mug. It would take hardly 5 minutes to gather all these things and bake at the right temperature to enjoy a satiating cake. In case, you are a superlative of lazy, you can opt for the online cake shops in Malaysia which would save your hunger pang.

Garlic and Egg Fried Rice: This is one of the easiest things to make when are simply not in a mood to cook standing for a good couple of hours. Put some oil, lots of garlic, and eggs (you may use the boiled ones also) and let the eggs cook. Spread the cooked or leftover rice and stir well with a sprinkle of coriander leaves and salt. You may also put some sauce or garnishing of your choice to add more taste to your lazy plate for lunch or dinner.
Pizza Delivery: Thank God such a savior is always handy through Zomato or Swiggy! Feeling hungry but exactly not in a mood to leave the winter blanket and cook – an online pizza delivery is waiting to fill your stomach. Double cheese margarita or the pepperoni, mushroom and jalapeno or the chicken and corns one – order your favorite toppings with extra cheese and choice of crust to have fun alone or with friends.

Satisfying Nachos: A packet of nachos, some cheese, onion, coriander, capsicum, tomatoes, jalapenos, cherry, and salt are all you would require enjoying this dish. Spread the nachos on a plate and garnish with the mentioned vegetables or fruits of your choice and top that with some cheese. You can always allow your creativity to take over while preparing a lip-smacking plate of nachos.
Just Salad: All you need is your favorite fruits and vegetables, some olive oil, salt, and your choice of salad dressing to enjoy a healthy and nutritious bowl of salad. It would save your lazy nature and your stomach won’t complain also. Avocado, onion, and egg; red cabbage, capsicum, raw mango, and onion; and papaya, green apple, strawberry – are some of the choices you can opt for.

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