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Why Buy Mahindra Bolero? Reasons People in India have fallen for this Utility Vehicle

Why Buy Mahindra Bolero? Reasons People in India have fallen for this Utility Vehicle

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India’s largest selling utility car, Mahindra Bolero is known to sell over ten thousand units in a month. Other SUVs in India, including the Mahindra Scorpio and XUV500 are known to manage just around four thousand units on a monthly basis. On the other hand, brand new launches including the popular Renault Duster are managing only five thousand units in a month.

Initially launched in the year 2000, the Mahindra Bolero is essentially an evolution of the older product of the company Armada. This version was based on Mahindra MM550 long-wheelbase Commander which dated back to the old TJ series Jeeps.

Bolero may be styled traditionally in comparison to its competitors Renault Duster, Xylo, and Scorpio. However, it has still managed to win the hearts and sell more units than ever.

Reasons People Love it

What is the real reason behind the increasing popularity of Mahindra Bolero? Why do people love it?
Bolero promises excellent value for money, especially for rugged utility. It ensures easier maintenance if you focus on regular services. Presently, the new Mahindra Bolero specification for versions SLE, SLX, ZLX available for metros is powered by a 2523 cc common-rail diesel engine. This powerful engine offers 63 bhp of power and 195 Nm of torque.

The version designed for rural areas is also equipped with the same engine. However, it is available in DI (direct injection) format and puts out 63 bhp of power and 180 Nm of torque. 5-speed manual transmission is integrated into all variants of the car. Buyers can also expect base DI combined with a 4×4 system. This is mainly dedicated to rural areas as well as off-road usage.

The prices for the DI start at around Rs. 5.65 lakh. This is the cost for its non-AC variant. ZLX, the top end version will go up to Rs. 7.26 lakh. ZLX buyers can expect all of the comforts necessary for a high end vehicle, including music system, a digital information display, power windows, and air-conditioning.

When it comes to handling and comfort, Bolero may not make for an ideal choice. The NVH levels have improved this time. However, it is still inferior than most of the more modern products available on the market such as Quanto and Xylo.

The Pros

- Easier maintenance
- Low purchase price
- Value for money
- Decent mileage (15 kmpl)
- Rough build for uneven roads
- Spacious enough to seat seven

The Cons

- Poor NVH levels
- Poor fit
- Poor finish
- Old-fashioned styling

Should You Go for it?

Mahindra Bolero has been declared as the largest selling utility vehicle in India. Some of the major reasons behind this are its ease of maintenance and the level of utility it promises at the price. Bolero comes with a rugged build. The Jeep derived substructures of the car can easily take the ample abuse on rough bumpy roads, without weighing you down with high maintenance bills.

The vehicle is powered by a simple technology. The best part is that it can be fixed virtually anywhere you wish to. No wonder the car has attained huge popularity in rural areas. Mahindra Bolero can carry at least seven people without any complain of getting overloaded. This fact adds to its overall value.

In case, you are looking forward to buy a car for city use, the Bolero won’t make for a perfect choice. For city usage, the more refined Maruti Ertiga or a Quanto. On the other hand, if you are looking for something rugged that can easily handle the city as well as bumpy road duties, Bolero is certainly a good choice. 

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