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This Is Why People in Rush cutters Bay Love Burgers

This Is Why People in Rush cutters Bay Love Burgers

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Fast, tasty, and certainly addictive—these are the obvious adjectives to describe burgers. When the distinct flavor of beef patties meet the soft and fluffy buns, you can’t help it but to dig into the wonderful gourmet creation of burger has to offer. Burgers are among the most favorite meals of Australians, especially those living in the Rushcutters Bay, especially those who crave for authentic beef goodness. The great thing about burgers is that you can eat it on the go, or savor its taste while at your favorite burger joint – you can never go wrong with this mouth-watering meal.

While burgers are universally famous, not everyone has a good idea about its origins and extensive influence culture-wise. In this regard, let’s count down some of the more interesting facts about hamburgers. The name “hamburger” originally came from Hamburg steaks that German immigrants introduced to Americans. The distinct taste of the Hamburg steak made an impact in the U.S. that it instantly gained following among steak lovers. Americans fell in love with the taste, and as they say, everything else is history.

Most burgers and cheese burgers served in commercial restaurants and fast food joints are made of 70% beef. However, some restaurants are introducing 100% beef to cater to consumers that always crave for beef goodness without any compromise. These days, the more percentage of beef there is in a burger, the higher the price is published. Many food historians contend that the birthplace of the first hamburgers is in the U.S. but the specific state or city is still debatable. However, it is widely accepted that modern burgers were first introduced in the State of Texas, specifically in Athens. It is suggested that the first burgers were first served as early as the 1880s in Athens, Texas.

Before the 1900s, burgers were only enjoyed by the locals Athens, Texas, but after the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904 (when burgers were introduced), its popularity spread like wildfire. Since then, many homes and restaurants in the U.S. created their own versions of burgers, spreading the popularity of the burger we know today. Hamburgers are so popular these days that billions of them are consumed every year. According to statistics, in the U.S. alone, more than 14 billion burgers are consumed every year. Burgers are also extremely popular in Australia that Australians also consume billions of burgers every year!

Burgers are so popular that folks in Seymour, Wisconsin established the Hamburger Hall of Fame, which pays homage the long and rich history of burgers. The Hall of Fame also conducts the Annual Hamburger Festival that features different kinds of burgers from different parts of the world.Today there are many types of burgers sold in restaurants and fast food joints. There are burgers made of chicken, pork, and even tofu to cater to the cravings of vegetarians. Even each and every restaurant has its own signature burger, proving that your imagination is the only limit when it comes to burger creation.

After a tiring day at Rushcutters Bay, there is nothing better to eat than a hearty burger. This is why burgers are so popular in Australia. This is why it is not surprising that many Rushcutters Bay restaurants offer juicy and tasty burgers. If you’re visiting the area, don’t forget to grab a burger or two from one of the different Rushcutters Bay restaurants.

Burgers indeed revolutionized the way we think of sandwiches, they made eating fast food more interesting and mouth-watering. Because of the extreme popularity of burgers, there is no sign that the burger revolution is stopping anytime soon.

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