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Five Paper Cosmetic Help Her "Slap" Beauty In Only A Few Minutes

Five Paper Cosmetic Help Her "Slap" Beauty In Only A Few Minutes

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No more have to carry many cosmetic items, these five paper products will help you get rid of all the time. Change your skin life!

When leaving home, besides certain items to wear, girl bags usually has some cosmetic items such as lipstick, chalk, perfume ... Not bring one of them, you will feel missing, but bring them, OMG so breathless with bag; There are many things she does not need to use, but must bring peace of mind.

Understanding these feelings, many cosmetic companies have made paper products easy to carry. These products are designed as thin as paper, small beautiful, fast, easy to use, making the beauty of the girl is simpler and "breathable" much. Here are five popular paper forms that you can not ignore.

1. Oily absorbent paper

Oily absorbent paper is the most popular cosmetics that any girl has known. Though small but very useful, especially with her oily skin. Just a few pat, the oil on the skin will be completely absorbed, the skin becomes dry, smooth. In addition to conventional oil-based paper, some companies also supply paper that contains chalk, which helps to replenish the amount of chalk that has been lost away on the skin during a day.
2. Make-up paper
Make-up paper is a paper cosmetic, that has available make-up color. On the surface, this product is not like oil, but it is "color" so it can substitute for foundation cream, eye color, cheeks, lipstick ... You just need to separate each sheet, then put slightly on the skin, just like makeup with classic cosmetics. 

3. Paper Soap
Paper soap are designed as small pieces of paper, when you use just rub it into the water that the soap will dissolve into foam. These soaps often contain natural ingredients, so they will not make your hands dry. Another plus point is the design is small, eye-catching, convenient to carry in your wallet, bag; Do not be afraid of pouring out like the usual hand gel.
4. Sheet mask
Sheet masking has been trendy for a few years. They’re also an affordable trend, costing as little as a dollar to try, and available everywhere from your local store or online website. There are several different kinds of fabrics (fiber, pulp, hydrogel, etc), and different types of ingredients tailored to certain skin challenges, like acne, dryness, aging, and more. Most sheet masks will be helpful to your skin.
Carring sheet masks is necessary for you, especially when you leave home for a long time, maybe trip, travel… At home, Homemade mask is best, but when you go outside, sheet mask is really best friend. You can be patient with sheet masks - Korean brand maybe more friendly, affodorable price and effective.

5. Washing hair Paper

With oily, glossy Hair, That is always the thing that makes the beauty less. Especially when you go far, not enough time to shampoo, the paper "washing" hair will be a great savior. This paper comes in two forms: a wet-type towel, or a shampoo. Both types have the same guide to use, ie you need to get the paper gently on each part of the hair, a few minutes later, the hair will become soft, no glossy or oily. 

Now, You can throw out some cosmetics and replace them by others with more convenient and small.

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