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7 Things to Know to Enhance Your Honeymoon Experience in Mauritius

7 Things to Know to Enhance Your Honeymoon Experience in Mauritius

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The beauty is in the eye of beholder but for that to apply, the place must have something to give credit to. Mauritius is a naturally endowed place with all the splendours of a tropical country and glimpses of a culture to bathe in for the duration of your trip. And what comes handy while you have your fun in here is your very own and customised according to your need, Mauritius honeymoon package. That would allow you to experience the place better, enjoy more, think of future less and fret absolutely not. With these primary objects of the honeymoon fulfilled with a tailor made package, you can now think what all you must know about the place to get the most of your honeymoon days lived here.

Things that first-timers are not expected to know but would do great in knowing and taking everything as is:

Stray dogs

There are many and could frustrating to those who are in habit of seeing only human population on the roads. So just live with it because now their population is really less compared to what it was some 2 decades ago.

Late night parties

If you have loved Goa in India for parties, expect it better here in the clubs that open at 11 pm and go full on till mornings laced with hangovers. Head to the North for a really drunk party night and dance like you have never before. Just make sure you do everything with your better half only!

Nothing much for surfers

If you are a surfer, you are in for a disappointment with the only surf beach in Mauritius. So try out other water sports as well as great activities liking hiking, dolphin watching and indulge in its scenic appeal. You may never remember your sadness on no-good-surf-beach.

Adrenaline rush, oh yes!

You would be sky diving before you can say the word adventure. Ok, slight exaggeration, but you got the point made. You can choose from a long list of adventurous activities to try one after another. Your options are parasailing, kite surfing, scuba diving, big game fishing, cliff diving and may be walk with lions.


Be ready to dodge some of the touristy expectation once you are ready to be in Mauritius for the trip of your lifetime. You will be getting great weather and beach experience but customer service is not really their thing. However, if you have purchased a tour package, for the most part you would not have to bother much about it. Going off the beaten track would be more rewarding if you are that type.


Well, if you are putting your hard earned money on some exotic destination, it would do no harm to enquire about it. Mauritius has won many accolades and awards for being what it is: world’s leading honeymoon destination, best food in the world, best country in the world, and world’s friendliest destination. So you are not going to lose any bet by choosing to come to Mauritius, after all.

Tantalize your taste buds

Do not leave out to include great restaurants your Honeymoon Package to Mauritiusto enjoy heartiest meals. Your breakfast, lunch and dinner are going to be mood-setters of the day. So ask for the best they have got. You can get cheapest street food and gourmet dinner complete with Mauritius Rum cocktails. So pick yours.

Author Bio: - Jyotiis a travel writer, who love to explore different destinations across the globe, In the above article Jyoti is sharing her views about her recent Honeymoon Package to Mauritius.

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